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The Art of Dog is dedicated to offering more than your typical dog walk. We bring artistry to our work. Here’s what current clients have to say:

“Hands down the best dog walkers/trainers in San Francisco. The Art of Dog has been walking Kylie, our Labradoodle, for about a year and we just can’t say enough about the level of service and care they provide. They love what they do – and it shows. Five days a week Kylie greets Michelle with a wagging tail and howls of excitement and always comes home tired and happy. When Kylie hit adolescence and developed a fear of unexpected environmental changes, Michelle worked on a behavior plan with us to help Kylie overcome this challenge.”

Elizabeth Gaynor and Mario Yovkov, San Francisco

small dogs playing at beach

dog pack on trail with walker

“Within one month of his daily beach walks with The Art of Dog, my 7-year-old dog started acting like a puppy again!  He was stronger, leaner, and his separation anxiety improved dramatically. He used to only like people but now that he is part of a pack, he is a real “doggy-dog,” as well!  I feel great knowing he is with such knowledgeable and loving walkers while I have to be at work.”

Blair K., San Francisco

“Cynthia and Michelle don’t just walk the dogs. They interact with them, empathize with them, and care about their happiness. They text and share photos on Facebook. They happily answer all of my questions. They care as much as I do and have gone out of their way for us. Even when my dog Grendal got sick and needed medication three times a day, they graciously gave him his afternoon dose every time they picked him up.”

Michael C., San Francisco

SF trainer with dogs

“As a professional dog trainer the behavioral and physical care of my clients dogs is my first priority. The Art of Dog is always my top recommendation particularly for small dogs who require expert supervision and care. Cynthia and Michelle are by far the most diligent and skilled dog walkers I know. When they do have the availability to accept my clients I am always at ease knowing each dog is in the best of hands.”

Brenda Cawley CPDT-KA, MS, CTC

small french bull dog with ball at the beach

“Cynthia and Michelle are the absolute BEST! They’ve been walking our Frenchie for a year and we are extremely pleased with their top-notch level of service and care.  Their adventures provide both a wonderful physical outlet and a great behavioral shaping tool as our pup matures. Cynthia and Michelle are passionate about the care and training they provide, and they – unquestionably – love our dog as much as we do.”

Kristen O., San Francisco

Dog pack walking down beach at Fort Funston

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